KITO CX series chain pulley block is Compact, lightweight and minimal in design like their LX series counterparts, the CX series chain pulley block offer high portability and ease of operations. Having a sturdy aluminum body, they weigh only 2.4 kg(CX003) and thus can be carried around easily. Requiring only a small hand-pull force, they enable smooth functioning. The wide internal diameter of hooks extends the number of applications where they can be deployed. The CX series chain pulley block are available for two types of rated loads - 250 kg and 500 kg.

Product features

  • Easy to Install - Hassle-free installation in elevated positions. Hook latch with a tip-supporting mechanism for both the top and bottom hooks.
  • Broad Hook Diameters - Wide internal diameters of hooks for reliable hookups. The 250 kg variant features an internal diameter of 32 mm while the 500 kg variant has an internal diameter of 35.5 mm.
  • Smart Body Design - The non-protruding bolts minimizes the risk of damaging and operator injury during handling.
  • Overload Limiter - This prevents accidents if the load exceeds the rated capacity in order to protect the hoist from damage.
  • Grade 100 Nickel Plated Load Chain - The high-strength load chain can handle breaking stress up to 1000 N per square millimeters. Nickel plated chain provides added resistance to corrosion and rust.
  • No Wear and Tear - Stainless steel hand chains that are highly resistant to corrosion and wear and tear.
  • Seamless Usage - Their compact form factor makes them apt in tight spaces and cramped conditions for smooth lifting and lowering operations.
  • Perfect Head Rooms - Head room for the 250 kg version is 217 mm while that for the 500 kg version is 260 mm.
CX Series - Chain pulley block
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