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Suppose you are in construction or need to haul equipment, machinery, or other material, you need a reliable, superior-quality chain hoist that is easy to use and does not weigh much.

The KITO CX & LX series of chain hoists are all this and more.

Our manual chain hoists also consist of the CX Series Chain Pulley Block and the LX Series Lever Block.

Right now, let’s get acquainted with the first kind of chain hoist, the CX Series Chain Pulley Block, a little more:

CX Series Chain Pulley Block

As a part of the chain hoist range manufactured by KITO, this is one of our smallest products. But don’t get deceived by its small size, design and light weight. This chain pulley block is having Grade 100 load chain. As compact and simple as it is, it nevertheless packs a solid punch when working to lift loads up to 1 ton.

Smooth operation: It offers a smooth operation that uses the basic hand-pull force technique when lifting weights. These chain hoists are available for three capacities: 250 KG, 500 KG and 1 Ton.

Versatile hook: Another special feature of these chain pulley blocks is its versatile top and bottom hooks which are designed with a wide internal diameter. This increases the usability of these chain pulley blocks.

Compact size yet powerful: The CX Series Chain Pulley Block does not weigh much and can be easily transported around. Due to its compact size and ease of use, you can hook this up anywhere.

No matter where or how you use it, this chain hoist is bound to give you a smooth, superior performance. The ambient temperature for CX series chain pulleys blocks is -40°C to +60°C.

LX Series Lever Block

Another star in the manual chain hoist series manufactured by KITO, the KITO LX Series Lever Block comes in two rated load capacities – 250 kg and 500 kg – just like the KITO CX Series Chain Pulley Block.

Use in Tight Spaces: Its most significant advantage is its ability to be used in tight spaces and corners or elevated areas where the positioning of light loads is needed.

Load Fastening: The KITO LX series lever block can be used for load fastening or lowering/removing, anchoring, and positioning apart from distortion correction, tension, alignment of structures, and any other load handling-related activity.

Lightweight: Like its other counterpart, this lever block as a manual chain hoist also does not weigh much and is extremely easy to handle and even transport from one place to another.

Though lightweight and easily manoeuvrable, it still gives a solid performance and is powerful enough to lift or lower weights as much as 500 kg in a reliable, efficient manner. So, this is the best choice available today for all those looking at lever blocks that don’t weigh much or occupy a lot of space and yet do their job efficiently.

Ease of Use: This KITO LX series lever block uses a small thrust of hand-pull force to lift or bring weights down. It also performs other activities like distortion correction, tension, etc., using this hand-pull force, making this device even more convenient.

Original Free Chain Adjusting Mechanism: Its other attractive features include an original free chain adjusting mechanism that lets you have a reliable load-holding performance at any load.

The Perfect Make: Lastly, its chain is grade 100 and is made of a special high strength alloy and is plated with nickel, making it resistant to rust and other forms of wear and tear. This level block also comes fitted with fasteners. These protect the chain threads from damage, increasing the durability of this device. Overall, a great product to have in your kit of weight-lifting machinery!

Regardless of how large or small a load is, one should always treat it with the utmost seriousness. Although KITO offers lifting solutions for larger capacities, we can also take care of your light load handling needs. The CX/LX are fantastic because they are lightweight and portable.

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