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What are EDIII chain hoists?

EDIII electric chain hoists are used widely in industrial spaces involving the lifting and shifting of various kinds of industrial products. The electric hoist consists of an electric motor with a brake to hold the load lifted onto it for controlling the load at a height designated to the required work done for the operator.

EDIII electric chain hoists can be used in industrial, automotive, construction, etc. Electric chain hoists are designed to use an electric motor to rotate internal gears, which lift/lower the lifting chain

Electric hoists vs air hoists

EDIII hoists are preferred to air hoists as the Kito original link chain is built to last to handle heavy loads of equipment. The hoists can handle light to middleweight loads and provide faster lift/lowering speeds. Also, electric hoists contain fewer components reducing the risk of failure, resulting in less downtime and increased productivity.

Air hoists are much affected by loading conditions because of the nature of using air, whereas EDIII does not have any impact on performance. Electric hoists are extremely user-friendly and useful; they are cost-effective and increase functionality in manufacturing.

In comparison, electric hoists operate quietly and facilitate a healthy working environment and comfort for all workers. It greatly helps avoid worker fatigue, increases and promotes a fast cycle time, and increases profits for industries.


  • Reduction in speed due to variation in air pressure is avoided while using the EDIII hoist. The unique motor and gearing mechanism is designed to work without any disturbance.
  • Various capacities of EDIII hoists are available to suit different requirements and loading conditions. EDIII electric hoists are available with multiple options depending on the work requirement from single/dual speed, and even cylindrical control for better handling experience.
  • EDIII hoists help in the faster movement of loads due to their compact design, easy installation, and operation. In automotive industries, parts need to be lifted at every stage and moved in the assembly lines — EDIII hoists are easy to handle.
  • Single-phase ensures it can be used in small industries with high performance and high-speed lowering/lifting. The reliable motor and gearing placement help the hoist to respond immediately to the operator’s commands.
  • Apart from standard EDIII, we also provide EDC cylindrical hoists. EDC is used for special applications — it is equipped with a unique hand-controlling unit to control the unit speed by quickly deploying it at different loading conditions.
  • EDC offers a competitive advantage with variable speed adjustment and high-performance load brakes with increased safety for friendly load handling.
  • Electric hoists can perform for a longer time without breaking down; with regular maintenance, the machine performance is maintained, making it a more comfortable working device.

So, what’s the best way to improve functionality in any automotive industry? Investing in electric chain hoists is the right way to get started. An EDIII electric chain hoist offers better reliability and handling quality that saves time and provides a smooth transition with high safety.

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