Ratchet lever hoist is manufactured to offer the best performance and durability. Built with a high-grade alloy offering unbeatable resistance to corrosion developed with a nickel-plated chain, offering a combination of toughness and wear. The LB series by ratchet lever hoist is built with a single-step reduction gear to avoid any slippage suitable to operate under any working conditions.

There are 7 different variants to each offering standard brake performance with special fixtures suitable for custom operations. Lightweight product range with a high integral body rigidity for machine operations and heavy loads. The implementation of alloy has increased efficiency and reduced structure weight by offering initial braking force by implementing the original structure.

Kito’s innovative engineering has produced the LEVER BLOCKS much smaller and lighter. Safety, operability, and ruggedness are the top priorities so that the LEVER BLOCKS perform well in the toughest field conditions.

Designed for all of the applications in the professional field such as transportation, bridge, general construction, civil engineering, ship building, and forestry.

Kito's original free chain adjusting mechanism greatly improves the working efficiency. Kito’s Lever blocks capacity ranges from 0.8T to 9T

Product features

  • KITO original idling device
  • If you have only to pull up the handle grip of an idling device, you can speedily perform the adjustment to get the necessary lifting height.

  • Compact size and light weight
  • KITO original technology has realized innovative down sizing and weight saving. Portability and storing have become better and more convenient, respectively.

  • Adoption of nickel plated chain
  • The nickel plated chain that KITO has developed originally has a high strength of 1,000N/mm2, which is the highest level in the world. Besides toughness, this Ratchet lever hoist is also excellent in both corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

  • Adoption of high strength frame
  • The frame is integral structure made of carbon steel for machine construction. For load bearing supports, induction hardening (patent) has been applied. The strength has also increased outstandingly by increasing in thickness.

  • Weight saving hook
  • Alloy steel for machine structures has been adopted for the hooks of LB025 to LB090 with large capacities. This has allowed weight saving without changing the overall size.

  • Reliable brake performance
  • (Mechanical brake) A dry condition brake has been designed to have strong braking force due to original structure (non-asbestos material adoption)

Ratchet lever hoist - Manual chain hoist
Ratchet lever hoist - LB008


Ratchet lever hoist - LB010


Ratchet lever hoist - LB016


Ratchet lever hoist - LB025


Ratchet lever hoist - LB032


Ratchet lever hoist - LB063


Ratchet lever hoist - LB090


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