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ER2 series of electric chain hoists implements advanced dual-speed inverter technology to bring about smooth delivery of power while drastically reducing load swings, thus making the ER2 series a force to reckon with in the electric chain hoist industry. These chain hoists are the result of tried and tested technology backed by innovative design and world-class reliability. Efficiency, safety, and ease of use are a few of the keywords that are associated with the ER2 series.

The load chain provided with the ER2 series is case-hardened Grade 80 nickel-plated and manufactured in-house using a state-of-the-art annealing process, which lends the chain enhanced resistance and durability with a strength of 800 N/mm2.

The versatility of ER2 electric chain hoist is clear from its myriad of uses in the real world, which aligns with the application of the consumer, such as SHER2M (Short Headroom Hoist), TWER2M (Twin Hook Hoist), CDER2 (Cylindrical Control Hoist), FER2 (Food Grade Hoist) and TNER (Entertainment Hoist). ER2 series conforms to international standards such as ISO, FEM, ASME & JIS.

SHER2M (Short Headroom Hoist)

SHER2M series has a unique configuration that allows this type of chain hoists to be used in places that have a height constraint. For instance, the headroom of SHER2M with a capacity of 250 kg (code 003S) is 265 mm, when compared to 375 mm of a standard ER2M of the same capacity. The lower headroom allows end-users to make the most effective lift in a building with a low ceiling. There is a wide range of load capacity to choose from, and every choice provides accurate and precise load positioning due to the inverter technology.

TWER2M (Twin Hook Hoist)

TWER2M series of electric chain hoists can be used in applications that require wide loads to be safely lifted, simultaneously and horizontally, such as long pipes or tubes. This chain hoist has a single motor and is outfitted with two hooks that can connect to two lifting points of the load, which can maintain a constant level while lifting. Furthermore, TWER2M is characterized by a custom-built design which provides end-users with a wide array of choice

CDER2 (Cylindrical Control Hoist)

CDER2 series of electric chain hoists are equipped with cylindrical control and variable speed control. This configuration is best suited for auto-components manufacturers where light loads are to be moved over short distances in quick succession, repeatedly. The consumer can easily direct their load via the cylinder control—inverter technology in CDER2 aids auto-components manufacturers to move and position their loads with precision. Additionally, the load chain is enclosed inside a plastic chain container.

FER2 (Food Grade Hoist)

FER2 is a Food Grade Hoist, the ideal choice for Food/Beverages manufacturers where hygiene is an important parameter. This type of ER2 electric chain hoist uses NSF H1 compliant food-grade oil and grease to account for accidental contact with food/beverage products. The mounting mechanism in FER2 allows customers to deploy a diverse range of solutions. FER2 chain hoist also allows customers to choose from a multitude of mounting mechanisms based on their needs. The hoist is also provided with an ingress protection enclosure of IP55, which offers full protection from particles as well as a proficient level of protection against water.

TNER (Entertainment Hoist)

TNER is a bespoke ER2 electric chain hoist that is perfect for concerts, stages, and other entertainment venues. It features a compact, black coloured body capable of lifting loads from both ends. Due to its small footprint, consumers can install, remove, and transport the hoist with ease, depending on the circumstances. Moreover, it comes equipped with a grease-packed gearbox that ensures there is no leakage of lubricant during the operation

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