Supporting ideal lifting work with outstanding quality, we have Chain Sling and Hooks to link to the hoists and cranes. Our primary focus being strength and safety, we produce one of the strongest chains with Grade 100 quality which has a breaking stress of 1000 N/mm2 or more. The chain links are formed and welded by completely automated machines, giving them an advantage of cumulative technology and experience of years.

Inspected and quality checked

Kito Chain Sling comes with Kito Sling Tag, which ensures that the process is carried out in a safe manner. After the manufacturing process, they go through inspection for the test of high dimensional accuracy. Link chains offer great freedom of usage, so that simple, speedy, and secure lifting work can be realized by combining them with appropriate fittings.

Operations even at higher altitude

Lifting hooks manufactured at Kito are simple yet highly beneficial for a safe unit. It could be any sort of transporting or loading and unloading, the usage of lifting hooks can reduce the requirement of personnel on the job. Operations at higher altitudes can happen seamlessly ruling out possibilities of injuries or accidents due to the nature of work.


We manufacture lifting points, which is a flexible type eye bolt, that are used to firmly attach a securing eye to a structure, using which ropes or cables may then be tied to. Our lifting points vary according to the type and the capacity required for lifting.

Greater accessibility

The lifting magnets that we manufacture bring efficiency as they reduce the hands-on involvement required and also the possibility of any damage to the material. Using a lifting magnet ensures greater accessibility and they eliminate the need for tapping holes or drilling.

High durability

Overall, our equipment promotes and supports a safe work environment, reducing risks and increasing efficiency, with unprecedented levels of durability. They are designed to be flexible yet strong, which is precisely the requirement for any kind of moving or lifting.

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