Difference Between Grade 100 and Grade 80 Chain Slings

Chain slings made of alloy steel are the most suitable for overhead lifting of heavy loads in any facility. Alloy steel chains are available in various grades. While Grade 80 has been the popular choice in many industrial facilities, Grade 100 is the stronger and better alternative as it provides an average of 25% more workload limits than Grade 80 chain slings.

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So, what are the main differences between Grade 80 and 100 chain slings – and which should you choose for your manufacturing facility? Let us discuss them in more detail.

Grade 80 Chain Slings

The Grade 80 standard for chain slings has a high strength-to-weight ratio – and is suitable for industrial applications that involve towing and recovery. Grade 80 standard is also commonly used for securing high-duty industrial loads in the flatbed trucking industry.

Made of high-quality alloy steel, Grade 80 chain slings can be used for both overhead lifting and as a tow chain – apart from being cost-effective.

Grade 100 Chain Slings

The Grade 100 standard for chain slings is among the latest entries to the chain sling market – and is widely used as a better replacement for Grade 80 slings. Thanks to its 25% higher workload limit, Grade 100 chains are ideal for overhead lifting as well as to secure loads with a smaller chain size.

With its high strength, Grade 100 chain slings are known for their efficiency and easier handling capabilities. Made of high-quality alloy steel, these chain slings are heat treated for enhanced strength and elongation.

Due to these qualities, Grade 100 chains are popular in manufacturing, construction, and rigging applications.

Why is Grade 100 better than Grade 80 Chain Slings?

Grade 100 offers a higher chain working load limits as compared to Grade 80 for the same chain diameters. Here is a comparison sheet:

Working Load Limits (kg)
Chain Diameter (mm) Grade 80 Grade 100
6 1120 1400
7 1500 1900
8 2000 2500
10 3150 4000
13 5300 6700
16 8000 10000
20 12500 16000

Here are major benefits that Grade 100 offers over Grade 80 chain slings:

  • Higher load capacity of up to 25%.
  • Reduced sling weight of up to 40% - due to its smaller diameter.
  • Better price to performance ratio.
  • Better hardness and wear resistance - thus enabling long life performance.
  • Spare parts and fittings of Grade 100 are compatible with Grade 8 chains.

Grade 100 Chain Slings from Kito Weissenfels

Manufactured through an integrated process, Kito Weissenfels offers Grade 100 chain sling model – VIS 200 – that are designed for all types of lifting applications.

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VIS-200 specifications:

  • Blue painted for easier identification
  • Suited for temperature ranging from -29 to 205 degrees centigrade
  • Chain diameter ranging from 6 to 26 mm
  • Working load limits ranging from a minimum of 1.4 ton to a maximum of 26.5 tons.

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