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About Electric Hoists

Heavy lifting equipment forms the essential backbone of industries. Hoists are modern heavy lifting equipment used to lift heavy loads vertically, with the help of a flexible wire rope or strong industrial chain to optimize the production operations.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist Vs. Electric Chain Hoist


The advent of modern technologies and advanced mechanisms have revamped the way electric wire rope hoists and electric chain hoists work. Working with recent versions of electric wire rope hoists and electric chain hoists, it's clear that they both use electrical power to lift heavy loads, a task beyond the physical human might. Both these heavy lifting pieces of equipment are also used in scenarios where the lifting height involved is from short to very high, or the lifting requirement frequency varies from one application to another.


While both electrically powered wire rope hoists and chain hoists are used to execute similar tasks, they differ in terms of their materials, techniques, and applications, etc. Here we discuss the main differences that distinguish electric wire rope hoists from electric chain hoists:

An electric wire rope hoist features a wire rope crafted out of steel wires & fiber, whereas an electric chain hoist uses a high strength chain as a lifting element in the hoist.

2)Lifting Technique
With electric wire rope hoists, the wire rope is wrapped around a grooved drum for lifting i.e., the wire rope winds and unwinds on the spiral grooving of the drum while the load is being lifted or lowered. During the winding and unwinding, the wire rope moves from left to right of the drum. While this is not a significant factor when it comes to lifting heavy weights, it may not be suitable for precise lifting. An electric chain hoist lifts heavy equipment by pulling the chain through sprockets on the load wheel. The chain is usually collected in a dedicated chain container. The mechanism allows actual vertical lift and fits for precise lifting requirements.

Which is Best for You?

It's best to study one's own heavy lifting requirements before deciding the kind of heavy lifting equipment to purchase. Height of lift, capacity, budget, the environment, and the application are some crucial deciding factors that determine what kind of hoist will be best suited for your operations. A wrong decision about the equipment application in your project can result in premature or excessive maintenance, large-scale execution inefficiencies, and a higher cost of ownership.

To put it in short, an electric chain hoist is a perfect choice for lifting lighter loads. An electric chain hoist features units that are lightweight and compact in size, thus making it fit for a range of diverse operations. Additionally, they are easy for operators to understand and operate. Operations managers must replace the manual lifting process in assembly lines with electric chain hoists. These ensure a true vertical lift. They are also a good solution for lightweight but very high lift applications such as in windmills. Businesses benefit from their less maintenance due to their rust/wear/heat resistant nature.

On the other hand, an electric wire rope hoist suitable to lift the heavier loads. They are also fit for long lift heights and high capacities. If work requires a heavier load to be lifted very fast, choosing an electric wire rope hoist would be the best bet. The equipment also allows ease of interchangeability along with maintenance of parts like motors and limit switches. However, they are not the right choice for a true vertical lift.

Why Choose KITO Electric Chain Hoist?

KITO Electric chain hoists are sturdy. Their chains are heat-treated to mitigate the effects of wear resistance and to ensure superior surface hardness. Our chains are heat resistant and can bear temperatures up to 300 degrees C. KITO chain hoist can lift the loads on a slant of up to 15 degrees, thus making it possible for operators to lift loads even in slightly awkward positions.

KITO Electric Chain hoists are equipped with the latest inverter technology and offer reliable solutions with their 10 years warranty electromagnetic brakes. For the safety of the operators, these come furnished with a friction clutch as a standard, which is usually not available with electric wire rope hoists.

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