KITO INDIA’s Expertise in Key Industry Sectors

KITO has proved to be a game changer for industries across India with its wide range of effective products that have been used in most areas that involve lifting and movement. Decades of experience that have fueled the growth and expansion of KITO have increased safety and productivity for your business.

KITO products have introduced revolutionary methods to increase productivity for your business. The smart features have been configured to enable full control over operations with an effective reduction in cycle times, as well as an assurance in safety.

 Light crane sysytems

Steel Industry

Metal production involves challenges that can affect safety. It includes steel, aluminum, and other types of metal products. Various specifications are needed on the basis of requirements, which involve intensive heat, dangerous loads, and recurring supply. To meet those demands, the lifting equipment at KITO helps improve safety grades and increase productivity. KITO’s electric chain hoists offer better load positioning that increases operating efficiency and reduces the burden on the hoists to a great extent. With remote operating controls, it allows operators to control operations safely from a distant location.

Main Products: ER2 Series Electric Chain Hoists, Chain Pulley Blocks & Lever Blocks, Chain sling

Mining Industry

The mining industry involves hazardous conditions that call for hardcore, rugged equipment that is durable and can survive dust, corrosion, moisture, and debris. At KITO, we understand the challenges faced by miners due to equipment failures and downtimes. KITO electric chain hoists and chain pulley blocks are built for exceptional material-handling features. Regardless of the model, to ensure that work never stops, we will supply the replacement parts. In addition to the above-mentioned points, our electric chain hoists also have the option of a mechanical brake friction clutch (or MFC). This secondary safety feature ensures you operate the hoist without fear of failure.

Main Products: ER2 Series Electric Chain Hoists, Chain Pulley Blocks & Lever Blocks

Auto Industry

The auto industry is majorly surrounded by dynamic processes that require unique production requirements and habitable environments. Thus, the workstation lifting equipment must be adaptable and efficient for different adjustments. KITO has a list of products specifically curated for such industries and to support better work efficiency. The Light Crane systems have low self-weight with high tensile strength enabling lower operational support. Inverter plays an important role in operation of an EQ series hoist. With a built-in Counter-Hour Meter, an Inverter provides more advantages than what meets the eye.

Main Products: EQ Series Electric Chain Hoists, ER2 Series Electric Chain Hoists, Light Crane Systems & Chain Sling


Wind turbines require electric chain hoists with high lifts during installation, maintenance, and manufacturing. KITO has a range of hoists and material-lifting equipment that enables better control for the operator. EDIII Series Electric Chain Hoists, ER2 & Chain Slings offer, with a high-performance ratio that helps with high-speed lowering and lifting needs.
Handling wind turbines requires unique lifting requirements. The KITO product range offers a high level of safety, with suitable operational features.

Main Products: EDIII Series Electric Chain Hoists, ER2 & Chain Sling


Foundry applications require lifting and repositioning of heavy equipment loads, most industries use hoists as a movement solution. KITO’s electric chain hoists are best suited for such applications (where they are filled with dust), and hence, quality and reliability of the equipment do not affect the operational capacity of chain hoists.

With the high loads, noise and dust affecting the working conditions and heavy lifting needs that go up to 500 kg, KITO has built ER2 series electric chain hoists that offer excellent durability under such conditions, by minimizing overall operational costs with minimal power usage ensuring better value and performance. KITO’s chain slings provide a wide range of options for various lifting requirements. We have a broad spectrum of top and bottom hooks which are tailor-made for specific lifting purposes.

The single-speed setup offers a uniform speed that offers optimum lifting experience.

Main Products: ER2 Series Electric Chain Hoists (Single Speed)

All the industry sectors are targeted with superior design to achieve maximum productivity. We offer equipment servicing and replacement services as well.

KITO has emerged to be one of the most trusted brands in the industrial sector. Our goal is to create and upgrade material-handling products to be more effective, productive, and safe.

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