How Light Crane Systems Are More Productive?

Talk about manufacturing or assembly lines, most manufacturing companies now prefer light cranes for any load lifting and transporting purposes. Also known as profile cranes, light cranes are used for a variety of industrial applications like assembly of small components, loading and unloading, or easily moving around material within a manufacturing facility.

 Light crane sysytems

So, why are light cranes so popular in manufacturing facilities? Let us look at some of their advantages – along with the available profile types in light cranes.

Advantages of Light Cranes Systems

Here are some of the major advantages that light cranes can offer to your manufacturing process:

  • Light in weight
    Along with being user-friendly and ergonomic in design, light cranes are lighter in any possible way compared to conventional EOT cranes. Also, because of its light weight, the structure for the system is far more simpler than overhead cranes.
  • Easy to install in any production facility
    Overall, light cranes of any type are easier to install, maintain, and service – even in the event of any equipment failure. Thanks to easy configuration, light cranes can be installed in any building or facility with limited working area
  • Easy to relocate to any new place
    Apart from easy installation, it is convenient to uninstall light cranes and move them to new locations. Most of the light cranes primarily comprise of just three parts – the profiles, suspensions or connections, and a hoist. Each of these components can be easily separated and re-assembled into one unit at any other location.
  • Easy to operate for any lifting or moving purposes
    As compared to EOT cranes, light cranes are easier to operate and it can literally move along with you. Very minor hand pull force is required to pull, push or move the cranes. Light cranes are also compatible with most types of hoists – thus improving productivity.
  • Reduced crane waiting time
    Lastly, light cranes offer the advantage of being used along with an existing EOT crane installation in your production facility. This reduces the crane waiting time as is often the case with the assembly lines where productivity is important.

Steel or Aluminum Profiles – Which is better?

Light cranes are available in either steel or aluminum profile or makes. Which is the better of the two? We would recommend you go for an aluminum profile. Here is why?

  • Lighter in weight
    As mentioned before, aluminum profiles are 40% to 50% lighter in weight than those with steel profiles. That makes it easier to be installed in a variety of production facilities.
  • Smoother to operate
    The rolling resistance of aluminum profiles are around 50% lesser as compared to its steel counterparts. This makes it easier for operators to handle cranes and hoists with minimum physical effort.
  • No painting hassles
    As light cranes with steel profiles are painted, there are chances of painting peeling off and falling on other equipment down below. Plus, repainting may be required for steel profile maintenance, thus adding to your servicing costs. Aluminum profiles are free from paint so there is no worry of any paint dropping. Additionally, aluminum profiles are more resistant to corrosion and rust – compared to steel profiles, thus enabling longer life in even harsh production environments.

Why go with Overhead Cranes from KITO ERIKKILA?

KITO is among the best lifting solution providers in India – who can provide both light cranes with suitable hoist equipment. Additionally, KITO ERIKKILA Light Cranes Systems are built with durable and high-quality anodized aluminum profile that has low rolling resistance along with double wall design that is built for perfect combination of strength and lightweight.

KITO ERIKKILA light cranes can be installed along with the KITO EQ inverter hoist – with its built-in inverter that enable smoother and more precise lifting and lowering of loads. Both our light cranes and hoists are available with a 3-year comprehensive warranty period. Our integrated solution is what makes KITO ERIKKILA popular among manufacturing companies – ranging from the automobile to general manufacturing industry.

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