KITO Aluminium Light Crane System

KITO Aluminium Light CraneSystem offers effective and efficient operations for your material handling needs. A good weight-load ratio of Aluminium systems ensure the effortless handling of heavy workpieces. The various kinds of suspensions in our crane system provide equal distribution of loads and prevent the tilting of the whole system. Our modular designs can be attached to a variety of structure types depending on the site conditions. KITO Aluminium Light Crane systems can economically, efficiently, and safely transport loads irrespective of the work weights and shapes. Its lightweight design and unique double wall type profile permits systems to be equipped with an array of numerous configurations. The rails’ precise tolerances, coupled with smooth running trolleys, also permit smoother operation, as compared to steel systems, which requires more pulling effort to operate. The joints along the lengths of rails are bolted firmly, to ensure that your system does not experience even the smallest of the bumps. KITO Aluminium Light Crane systems ensure that loads move smoothly even at the bridge end. KITO Aluminium Light Crane systems can be utilized in both existing structures and new facilities.

Advantages of KITO Aluminium Light Crane System

Our Aluminium light crane systems are incredibly easy to manage and can be incorporated into numerous solutions. Some of the salient benefits of our light crane systems include:
● The sturdy double wall type construction of our profiles offer high load capacity and maximum twisting resistance, despite its lightweight.
● The combination of the Aluminium system and hoists with VFD control makes the material handling work even effortless.
● Our Aluminium light crane systems are entirely anodized, surface treated, which prevents any microparticles to be dropped off on the ground or machines below.

Some of our offerings in the Aluminium systems include:

● Single girder systems
● Double girder systems
● Monorail systems
● Internal conductor rails
● Low headroom raised systems
● Wall/column mounted jib cranes

Tailored Solutions

KITO also offers customised solutions to suit your needs and requirements. The team of experts studies your requirements in detail, to provide the best possible solutions so that your organizations can perform effectively and can carry out complex tasks efficiently. Our portfolio includes numerous customers who are satisfied with our customized solutions. Some of these tailored solutions include:
● Telescope
● Curve rail
● Track switch
● Turntable

We at KITO understand your business and operational needs and strive to provide best-in- class solutions, which offer easy scalability, enhanced efficiency, and cost savings. We have an aim to become a prominent leader in the industry by winning clientele from diverse corporations in both public and private sectors, and by providing excellent products and services. We are always on the lookout for new challenges and tasks, to prove our mettle and keep improving ourselves. We are a team of professionals with expertise in collaborating with an array of multinational organizations and large corporates.

Single girde
Single girder
Double girder
Double girder


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