Manual chain hoists are an apt choice to sustain minimal loads that do not require additional power or manual support. These hoists can be easily managed by workers and are efficient to operate and serve their purpose efficiently. Manual chain hoists are extremely resistant as they are plated with an anti-corrosion-based nickel and aluminum hoist body.

These chains come with a compact design to fit in small spaces and allow ease of rigging. Commonly used in construction, maintenance, and workspaces we offer CB and CX series under chain pulley block and LX and LB series under ratchet lever hoist.

If your choice of a hoist is what is portable and does not require a power or electricity source, this is the one you are looking for. This is also cost-efficient and easy to maintain. This is also because of the principle of simplicity that is applied in the design of the manual chain hoists.

Comes in 4 variants

These devices come with a massive mechanical advantage, although being simple devices. Our offering of Manual Chain Hoist involves the range of Chain Pulley Block and Ratchet Lever Hoist. We offer CB and CX series under Chain Pulley Block and LB and LX series under Ratchet Lever Hoist. We are offering four variants in this.

Minimum manual power required

The CB series is ultra-light, reliable and durable. It is operated with minimal manual power. It comes with great breaking strength and a high-class load-chain. This indicates that it is safe for operation. It is shock-resistant and has highly durable and accurate gears. This is part of the Chain Pulley Block family.

Tough and strong body yet light

The CX series comes with an aluminium body and is extremely light and portable. It comes with a wide internal hook diameter, at the top and bottom, which expands the applicable range. The safety overload limiter comes as a standard feature. The load chain and hand chain are highly durable and corrosion-resistant. This is part of the Chain Pulley Block family.

Has heavy duty applications

The LB series is Compact, light, and tough frame for heavy-duty applications. It comes with our original free wheel mechanism which significantly increases operational performance. The chain is nickel-plated and grade 100 super strong and durable. This is all industries ranging from forestry to shipbuilding. This is part of the Ratchet Lever Hoist family.

Technologically advanced

The LX series is of major use in Elevated work positions. This is light and compact and it comes with a durable die-cast aluminium body. Especially useful in confined spaces as it has ultra-row headroom design. Having leveraged innovative technology into this, it is part of the Ratchet Lever Hoist family.

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