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At KITO, our main motto is to provide best quality lifting equipment to our customers with top-notch safety features and fantastic value for money. Our R&D team puts in a lot of effort to optimize our products. This effort is translated into the satisfaction of our customers after using our products. At the end of day, it is user’s safety and satisfaction which matters the most to us. We regularly provide customers with exactly what they need. We have listed down a problem-solving case studies for your reference. Kindly read through.

Volvo Eicher Case Study
  1. The chain slings used in the paint shop get covered with paint deposition and get damaged after some use.

KITO informed the customer about the properties of Potassium Chloride (KCL) as well as the tensile strength of the material used.

  1. The hook latch breaks after being used frequently.

The client is assured that KITO will promptly replace the chain’s worn-out connecting links and hooks.

  1. The discard ratio of hooks in the periodic cycles is high, and the material isn't available on time.  

KITO provides customized chain sling solutions with short turnaround times for your hooks. An additional guarantee is provided concerning stock availability of the same.

  1. Safety concerns for the operator due to elongation of the hooks.

SKC6 hooks with lever-operated mechanisms are offered on trial to be tested and compared with Competitor chains.


Surin Automotive Case Study
  1. Competitive and reasonable prices vis-à-vis Competitors.

KITO provides custom-built solutions for chain linkages. 

  1. How long will the chain slings take for delivery since long-delivery times are a significant concern from current partners?

Stock availability with KITO dealers is assured to provide the end-users with a seamless experience.

  1. Will worn-out links be customized and replaced in a time-efficient manner?

Yes, KITO will ensure new links replace the worn-out ones in connecting links and hooks from chain slings.


Maruti Suzuki India Limited Case Study 
  1. The lever block used by competition breaks down frequently.

KITO's groundbreaking LB series LCH is designed to rectify precisely this problem. 


Swaraj Engines Case Study
  1. The client faces continuous breakdown, high downtime, brake issues, chain breakage, and high maintenance cost.

KITO supplied an EQM Hoist that replaced the originally used wire rope Hoist, thus, eliminating brake issues and cutting down total Hoist downtime.


Twenty-Two Motors Case Study
  1. The client faced jerky operation, increased downtime, and problems with the Hoist full speed option not working correctly at low pressures.

KITO supplied an EQSP Hoist that provides a smooth operating experience and good speed. The total downtime of the Hoist is also reduced significantly.


FORCE Motors Case Study 
  1. The client faced problems with the duty efficiency of their existing Competitor Hoist. 

The breakdown happened because the Hoist didn't have the limit switch built in their Competitor-make Hoist. KITO explained to the client about the safety feature of the ER2 series Electric Chain Hoist.

  1. The client faced production loss due to a Hoist breakdown.

KITO provides operation and maintenance training to client teams. If the chain guide is frequently checked and replaced, their lives will be much longer.

  1. The safety of the operator is a significant concern for the client.

KITO suggested going for EQSS (a three-year warranty for brake) and ER2 single-speed Hoist (a ten-year warranty for brake) instead for unparalleled operator safety.

  1. Current Competitor Hoists have repeated breakdowns and cannot withstand their operational duty cycle. Hence, the client has to use Competitor DC Com Hoist for heavy-duty operations.

KITO ER2 series single-speed Hoist has been specially designed for their heavy-duty welding application needs. Inclusive of fail-safe electromagnetic disc braking among a host of other features, the ER2 series is your one-stop shop for troubleshooting this issue.

  1. Competitor Hoist spares are not readily available and take much time to deliver.

KITO assures the client that spares are available in the Bangalore facility and sufficient stock is maintained with all dealers.

  1. The maintenance cost of the existing Competitor and Competitor Hoist is high, and the repair work takes time. This leads to recurring maintenance costs and high operation time, cutting into the client's bottom line.

In KITO Hoist, individual parts like chain guide, chain, and load sheave can be replaced separately as these parts are available as spares. The cost of frequent wearable pieces would mainly be of the chain guide, which is less than INR 10,000, compared to their annual maintenance cost of INR 50,000 per Competitor Hoist and INR 20,000 of the Competitor Hoist

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