Light crane sysytems

While operating on heavy equipment and machinery, there is always a risk to human and plant safety. Radio remote controls serve as a value-added solution to this underlying problem.

Radio remote controls are quite extensively used in construction, manufacturing, and equipment-based industries. Having a remote control completely changes the way machines are operated; the operator can easily control the device from a safe distance saving precious person-hours.

With a radio remote control, an operator can get the best possible line of sight when transporting or handling equipment. They can even manage operations from a distant location, enabling the feasibility of working and deconstructing a two-person job to single-person handling.

Traditional working conditions required tireless efforts and involved fatality risk to execute machine operations, from moving bricks to using demolition robots. But radio remote control systems increase productivity and bring down the overall cost expenses.

Initially, remote controls were connected with wires, which still involved the operator staying in close range. With time, remote control devices have been configured to go cordless and effective with increased capacity and control authority over the equipment.

KITO has introduced an efficient line of radio remote controls for different applications, with increased capabilities explicitly curated to make material handling easier.

Radio remote control devices from KITO are built with industrial-grade quality to enable a diverse workforce to eliminate the physical toll from manual labor. With KITO, operators can now work longer with less fatigue and get projects completed on time.

Here’s why KITO radio remote control systems stand out.

  • Compact size
  • The obvious benefit of using a remote control is that it offers excellent maneuverability for complex operations. Moving your fingers across the control would be like playing a video game; all the vibrations are disabled to provide operators a piece of smooth controlling equipment.

    Built as a user-centric device, it is easy to install, and within no time, a user can get accustomed to the controls and perform the necessary operating functions.

  • The emergency stop button
  • As an essential measure to avoid endangering the workplace or the vicinity, a kill switch comes in quite handy. There are instances where there are machine failures, or things can go unplanned. To avoid the situation escalating further, an emergency stop button acts as a failsafe. It helps to keep the operation in control and stop all operations instantly in case of any emergency.

  • Enhances operator safety
  • A radio remote control safely positions the operator at a safe distance away from the equipment or moving parts, dust, or falling debris, giving them the best viewpoint.

  • Unrestricted operator mobility
  • With KITO, the operator can switch places to accustom to working conditions and avoid losing machine visibility. They can control lifting, traversing functions and manipulate the hoist motions and the speed at which the processes happen.


Any industrial or constructional workplace is focused on three primary factors - improving production efficiency, high safety standards & reliability, and safety for plant & machinery.

KITO gives you all the advantages in a single product range. They can be installed for electric chain hoist lines, are electrically operated through remote control and modernize how you handle operations.

Wireless remote controls are the future for industries, and they help revamp the entire work process and maintain consistency and speed that deliver all day long.

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