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When it comes to the manufacturing of products, it becomes essential to ensure their quality and safety standards. KITO INDIA is the market leader in manufacturing avant-garde lifting equipment and tools. Our state-of-the-art products provide the utmost efficiency that leads to optimum performance. We offer a great range of products with top-notch quality extensively used for various purposes in industries around the globe. To maintain the exceptional safety standards of products, we constantly work on the research and development of all equipment. Over the last few decades, we have manufactured numerous products like Electric Chain Hoist, Manual Chain Hoist, Trolley, Light Profile Crane, and Chain sling. While all our products have earned an excellent reputation worldwide, KITO India’s Wire Rope Hoist has been a game-changer for organisations across all industries.

KITO India’s Wire Rope Hoist

We have designed the wire rope hoist to provide maximum safety throughout its usage. The wire rope hoist uses a wire rope as a medium for lifting heavy loads. The wire encircles the grooved drum that carries the load. Wire rope hoist is used in many enterprises as a hoisting medium. Nevertheless, it is majorly used in the manufacturing industry as there is a never-ending need for carrying out quick lifts. As a wire rope hoist ensures maximum protection, it is widely used in extreme environments. Therefore, a wire rope hoist is ideal to use during intense lifts. KITO uses a premium wire rope for its RY series hoists.

Important safety features of KITO RY Series Wire Rope Hoist

KITO RY Series Wire Rope Hoist has been inspired by KITO’s prowess with the electric chain hoists. The RY Series Wire Rope Hoist offers numerous features that equip the users with maximum safety. Some of its safety features are:
  • Equipped with the inverter as standard (Lifting/Lowering and traversing)
Inverter control enables smooth start/stop to reduce load swing by a considerable margin. This is how the standard inverter (lifting/lowering and traversing) guarantees a secure operation of the process.
  • Electronic overload limiter
KITO's wire rope hoist has an Electronic Overload Limiter built into its inverter. The Electronic Overload Limiter can identify overload and shut off the circuit if an overload is detected.
  • Electric thermal protection for motor
The thermal protector stops and turns off the motor of the wire rope hoist if overheating is detected at any point in time.
  • Upper/lower limit switch
The upper and lower limit switch helps us in setting the range of operation. It prevents the hoist upper block from rising and striking the drum and prevents the hook from resting on the ground or floor.
  • Rope guide
The rope guide will keep the rope securely in the groove and prevents overlapping or skipping of grooves. All these features make the product safer than ever.
  • Lower control voltage for the pendant
In addition to its cutting-edge safety features, RY's control circuit operated at a low 24VDC level to guarantee the safety of operators.


KITO wire rope hoist ensures optimum security by focusing on safety, performance, durability, and, most importantly, simplicity. This product provides long-term value to the customers with its advanced features and affordable price. That's why many businesses and industries have trusted and preferred KITO for decades.

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