Industrial trolleys are widely used across an array of industrial applications, KITO’s industrial trolleys are designed and curated to match along with chain pulley blocks or electric chain hoists. Offering simple and operation with high capacity holding trolleys is quite beneficial for logistical support.

There are 3 basic variants: push-pull type, hand chain operated, and motorized trolley. With flexible design, it has featured wide applications across multiple product configurations. With decreasing loading and shifting time frames they can be created to facilitate any requirement. With sizes available from 50mm to 305mm they can be implemented on different spaces and flange widths to accommodate requirements.

Our Industrial Trolley series come with precision and high capacity for lifting and transportation. However easy or harsh the condition maybe, this trolley is handy for your logistical needs. The operation is quite simple and goes hand in hand holding high compatibility with a lot of accessories. Our trolleys are highly durable, user-friendly, state of the art and precise. From over decades, the focal point of our work has been to provide advanced safety features.

Extremely efficient with hoists

These trolleys shorten the overall loading time. These are proven to perform in the most demanding and extreme conditions, along with hoists. Our Industrial Trolley has three different variants. Push pull type Plain trolley, hand chain operated geared trolley and motorised trolley. All three are applicable for different industrial purposes and functionalities.

Reliable tracking and hassle free

When there is a motion required parallel to the beam, plain trolleys are very instrumental. This has the ability to handle various capacities according to the need in the industry. These trolleys come with hardened heat-treated steel wheels which ensure reliable tracking. As the ball bearings are sealed, they avoid maintenance hassles.

State of the art design

KITO’s geared trolleys are simple with state of the art design. It allows for easy configuration and multiple product configurations. If there is an application with shorter traversing distances and higher loads, the geared trolleys are recommended as it is operated with a hand chain.

User friendly and precise

The motorised trolley range is highly efficient and extremely user friendly. These also come with a great deal of precision and wide applicability. These work excellently well with the electric chain hoist series and are available in wide ranges of capacity. If required, higher capacities are available on request. This is especially beneficial in the lifting of sensitive loads that require the precision of start and stop smoothly.

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