Wire rope hoists utilize wire rope as a hoisting medium, wrapping the wire around a grooved drum to conduct the lift. Wire rope could be used as a hoisting medium in several industry sectors. However, it is particularly prevalent in manufacturing contexts because it can conduct faster lifts, and be rated for more extreme phase shift categories. In much more demanding or intense lifting applications, wire rope hoists are the best choice.

KITO Technology

The RY Series is outfitted with technological know-how obtained from KITO's expertise with electric chain hoists.

  • With KITO's "original inverter control," load swing is reduced.
  • To guarantee a high level of protection, it is furnished with a pull rotor-type motor brake. KITO provides pull rotor brake which is maintenance free for 1 million operations.
  • The aluminum casing is used to minimize weight.
KITO RY Series Wire Rope Hoist Specifications
  • Safety

RY is outfitted with a cutting-edge safety feature, and the monitoring potential difference has been reduced (DC24V) to ensure operator safety. Electronic Overload Limiter, Electronic thermal protector and High strength wire rope increase the overall safety factor of this Wire Rope Hoist.

  • Reliability

KITO's electric chain hoist automation and primarily configured inverter provide excellent reliability and high durability. ISO M5 class and Duty Rating of 40/20 %ED make KITO’s Wire Rope Hoists more reliable than ever.

  • Operational simplicity

The ergonomic design renders it simple and easy to use, and it offers convenient operations even during long hours of work. To improve the ease of use further, we provide Radio Remote Control as an option.

  • Design

A straightforward, contemporary, and operational layout incorporates various applications and requirements. KITO’s low headroom design ensures you do not worry about space constraints.

  • Efficiencies

For improved efficiency, the inverter has a no-load high-speed function. The soft start/stop feature helps precise movements.

  • The overall price

Upkeep time is reduced as life span, and maintainability improves, offering more long-term value.

KITO'S unique features
  • As a conventional supply, an inverter is supplied.
  • For 5t and up, use an individual wire rope core.
  • Complete 360° Rope Guide.
  • A rope drum provides corrosion prevention with a black oxide coating and grease.
  • Upper/lower limit switch that can be adjusted externally.
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