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KITO INDIA is the World’s Leading Manufacturer of lifting equipment that increase the efficiency and performance of industries. With the ever-evolving and dynamic industries, we have been extending our support with our cutting-edge technology and industry expertise. Our offering comes with a great product range that has versatile and multiple variants that are curated for different industries and purposes.

Having roots from Japan, we come with the latest technology, constant engagement in Research & Development and the commitment to deliver quality. We carry decades of experience in the manufacturing of Chain hoists like Electric Chain Hoist, Manual Chain Hoist, Trolley, Light Profile Crane , Chain sling and hooks. Our product offering is used and welcomed worldwide and used in most major industries that involve a lot of lifting and movement.

It has been a Game-Changer for industries after using our Chain Hoist for their material handling equipment needs. As KITO INDIA enjoys a global presence, we have earned our way to the top in the world of material handling equipment. Our clientele is at the top in their respective industries because of their investment in technology and advancement.

Industries like automotive manufacturing, power generation, steel and other metal manufacturing, shipbuilding, aviation, ports and shipyards, defence and many more require our product offering. The reason for our consistent growth is our delivery of commitment and top-of-the-class quality.

As the industries have evolved and are always on the verge to be more efficient and productive, our product offerings have helped them achieve this motto. Our different offerings come to action in different sets of manufacturing, transportation and lifting. They have been very instrumental in shifting from a laborious environment to a smart and safe mechanised environment. This has given the industries the time and effort to invest in their R&D and push their limits to achieve better.

Safety is quite important in any industrial process; handling equipment involves different safety parameters that require efficient resources and planning. Industries like automotive, electrical equipment, heavy machinery, manufacturing plants, logistics, and much more.Material lifting has made handling feasible and more effortless over the years.

Machines have increased in lifting capacity and chain hoists; chain hooks and trolleys have helped to provide solutions for different industries and their purposes. KITO has created game-changing solutions to cater to the needs of Indian industrial standards. KITO product range has helped industries to evolve and increase performance involving lifting and displacement.

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"KITO INDIA is committed to providing the safest, most supportive products and services at material handling sites on behalf of our customers. We vow to evolve, adapt and always place the needs of our customers first."


KITO- Monozukuri over 80 years
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KITO - Our monozukuri over 80 years
(Part 2: Electric chain hoists & manual hoists)


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KITO is committed to improving our products, services and our operations through innovation and trust, as the leader of the industry.

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