Chain Slings From KITO Weissenfels

Built through a superior integrated manufacturing process, KITO Weissenfels offers chain slings used for industrial lifting purposes. Be it high quality or safety standards, our manufacturing process uses the latest cutting-edge technology in producing the Grade 100 series of chain slings made of high-quality alloy steel.

Grade 100 Lifting Lines

The Grade 100 series of lifting chains VIS 200 comes with a unit working load of 250 N/mm2 - and a unit breaking load 1000 N/mm2 and a minimum elongation of 20%. The ideal usage temperature ranges from -29 to 205 degrees centigrade.

Grade 100 offers the following range of solutions:

  • Series D, E for 1-2 legs Master Link assembly.
  • Series DL, DE for 3-4 legs Master Link assembly.
  • Series DG1, DG2 DG4 for Master Link assembly with integrated Shortening Hook for 1, 2, and 3-4 legs.
  • Series DCR1, DCR2, DCR4 for master link assembly with integrated Chain Coupling Rings for 1, 2, and 3-4 legs.
  • Series SH for Safety Sling Hooks.
  • Series SK for Self Locking Hooks.
  • Series GS for Shortening Hooks.
  • Series FHE for Foundry Hooks.
  • Series CR for Couplings Rings, and Series WLK for Connecting Links.

Grade 100 versus Grade 80 Lifting Lines

Grade 100 provides the following advantages over the Classic Grade 80 series of lifting lines:

  • Improvement in load capacity of up to 25%.
  • Reduction in the weight of the sling of up to 40% - due to its smaller diameter.
  • A higher price to performance ratio.
  • Improved hardness and wear resistance - thus enabling long life performance.
  • Shortened hook feature - without any reduction in working load limit (WLL).
  • Easier identification of each chain sling model - through tag, shape, and colour.
  • Spare parts and fittings compatible with Grade 80 chains.

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chain sling - 2
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