High strength, wear and rust resistant nickel-plated Load Chain

  • Rated capacity ranging from 60 Kg to 480 Kg
  • Voltage: Single phase AC 120V or 240V (Max). Low voltage available as option
  • Available with single/dual speed
  • Hook/Mini Trolley/Universal Trolley type suspensions available

Product Features

  • Compact design minimizes headroom
  • Powerful and high performance
  • High performance mechanical brake
  • Overload protection
  • Compact and lightweight. 100 kg type weighs just 11.5 kg standard lift.
  • Mini Trolley expands application range.
  • Enclosure: IP54(Hoist Body), IP65(Push Button Switch), IP44(Cylinder Switch)
Electric hoists - single and dual speed

Single & dual speed

Electric hoists - Cylinder type Dual speed

Cylinder type Dual speed

Electric hoists - Single/dual Speed

Single/dual Speed

Electric hoists - Single and dual Speed

Single/dual Speed

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