EQ dual speed VFD 3-phase electric chain hoists are designed for light to medium-duty industrial applications. These hoists include a unique no-load high speed function that automatically increase hoist speed up to 130% when the load is less than 30% of working load limit.

Product features

  • Compact and lightweight design. Simply-structured integrated body with less component parts
  • Inverter dedicated design. Transformer-free structure based on the inverter DC power
  • Equipped with a friction clutch and electronic overload limiter
  • Shutting off the current to the motor at the time of excessive lifting/lowering to prevent an accident
  • World-class KITO original chain which is a Special alloy steel quenched chain with high strength, durability and accuracy
  • Capable of shutting off the motor circuit at hand by pressing the emergency stop button.
  • Can be used with plain trolley and motorized trolley.
  • There is also EQSS single speed type in EQ series for simpler lifting needs.
Electric chain hosit-EQ
With Suspension Eye

With Suspension Eye(Single/Dual)
125kg to 1t

Electric chain hosit- EQM
With Motorized Trolley

With Motorized Trolley(Dual)
125kg to 1t

Electric chain hosit-EQSP
With Plain Trolley

With Plain Trolley(Single/Dual)
125kg to 1t

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