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During the nationwide lockdown when every workplace was completely shut, slowly these places are resuming work. It is important to inspect all electrical and mechanical machines after a long period of inactivity. This will ensure a smooth beginning of work without unwanted malfunctioning and downtime.

Hoists are used to lift very heavy materials, therefore ensuring complete safety is important. It is of utmost importance to thoroughly check the Hoist before restarting it after a long break. Otherwise, it may cause an accident which may even turn out to be fatal. Below are the checkpoints for a Hoist. Check all the points before restarting the machine.

Check the following points - Before switching On the Hoist

Check the power supply cable

Visually check the power supply cable connecting the hoist and the plug thoroughly. Make sure that the cable is not damaged or no twist is present. If the cable is physically damaged, consider replacing it.

Check nuts and bolts

Check if all the nuts and bolts of the hoist are tightened. If found loose tighten them with recommended torque. Even slightly loose nuts and bolts can cause fatal accidents.

Check oil level

Check the oil level from the inspection hole. Oil should be visible in the inspection hole. If the oil level is too low, refill the oil. Check and confirm if there is any oil leakage. Stop all the leakages before operating the Hoist.

Check pendant cable

Visually check the pendant cable and the safety wire. Make sure there is no damage or twist to the cable. If any damages are found, consider repairing or replacing it.

Check load chain

Check the load chain if there is any rust or dust, as it damages the chain and weakens it. Properly clean and lubricate the chain before use. If any damaged link is found in the chain, replace it immediately.

Check the wiring connection

Check all the electrical wiring connections. Confirm that the connections are as per the drawing. If any alteration is found, investigate and correct the wiring.

Check bottom hook

Check the bottom hook to confirm if it is smoothly rotating in proper condition. Check the safety hook latch and confirm if it is working.

Check the following points - After giving the power to hoist

Check the power

Check the power connection. Check every phase sequence and voltage stability in each phase.

Check limit switch

Check the function of the limitswitch. The Hoist must operate between the Upper and the Lower limit. This is a critical safety feature which prevents over-lifting and over-lowering. Proper working of this is very important.

Check pendant and hoist movemen

Check if the hoist is running as per the directions indicated on the pendant.

Check for sound

Observe the sound while operating the Hoist. If any abnormal noise is observed while operating, pay immediate attention.

Check Emergency stop

Correct functioning of the emergency stop button is critical for safety point of view. Check if the emergency stop button is working properly.

Load test

Since the hoist was idle for a very long time, make a load test before using the Hoist in a running production line. This is important from a safety point of view.

Check trolley movement

Check if the trolley is moving smoothly. Observe if there is any abnormal noise during operation. Also, check if there is any obstacle in the CT/LT pathway.

If all the above-mentioned checkpoints are cleared, then the Hoist is ready for operation.

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