Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Hoist and Crane

Every Machine requires preventive maintenance to perform efficiently and for a longer operating life. It would be less likely to encounter sudden breakdowns and component failures if machine maintenance is done periodically.

Health Check-up Service for Hoist and Crane

KITO offers one time health check-up service to confirm the condition of hoist / cranes, identify any risks and provide solutions to eliminate such risks. Routine maintenance activities such as visuals inspections, lubrication, adjustments etc. would be performed to reduce any possible future downtime. Finally we would also suggest usage based predictive maintenance activities to be performed in future.

Emergency Breakdown Services (On Call/On Site)

We understand the importance of quick and efficient assistance to operator and maintenance personnel when a technical fault or query may arise.Our highly skilled service engineers are “Just a phone call away”, in case of such a situation.

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