The KITO TSP Plain Trolley : ideal for larger traversing distances

The KITO TSP Plain Trolleys will help you manoeuver easily where a motion parallel to the beam is necessary. KITO’s TSP easily bridges larger traversing distances for a load up to 5 t. Various capacities can be implemented according to your individual needs at any time without problems. KITO’s Plain Trolleys feature hardened heat-treated steel wheels that ensure reliable tracking and their sealed ball bearings avoid maintenance hassles and provide smooth operation.

The KITO TSP offers a very simple state-of-the-art design allowing easy configurations and multiple product options. It is also light weight so it requires less labour and time for installation, which contributes to a total cost reduction. Special protective lugs hold the trolley surely on the beam and integrated rubber bumpers guard against damage to the trolley and wheels arising from a collision with the stopper or between two trolleys. The TSP Trolley wheels are adjustable to work with both tapered and flat-flanged beams, allowing you to use existing equipment without customization. Furthermore KITO offers a variety of trolley hoist suspenders matching the needs of diverse applications. KITO’s plain trolley series can be optionally combined with a suspender for close connected suspension and/ or a hook suspension type. For more information please do get in touch with our Customer Service Support.

  • Wheels are specially machined and heat-treated for exceptional durability.
  • Extra-light structure is achieved due to strict design conditions
  • Protective bumpers protect the wheels in case the trolley collides with stoppers at the ends of the rail or collides with another trolley
  • Trolleys can be installed on either I-beam or H-beam rails
  • Specially designed for smooth running ; the rail width can be adjusted easily.
  • All four wheels feature high-grade closed ball bearings that do not require lubrication.
  • Light and compact design
  • Quick and easy handling of the load, better durability
  • Smooth operation
  • Easy assembly by means of trolley bolts and spacer disks
  • Suited to applications involving shorter traversing distances and precise load movement


  • Capacity ranging from 125 kg – 5 t
  • Net weight : 4,5 kg (TSP001 – TSP005)
  • Different kinds of flange widths
  • Adjustable to fit any tapered or flat-flanged beams
  • Safety lugs and bumpers
  • Suspender for close connected suspension and / or hook suspension type
  • Heat-treated steel wheels are hardened for long life
  • Maintenance-friendly sealed ball bearings
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